Tuomariesittely: Birte Nöding, Saksa ja Tomasz Wolanczyk, Puola


Birte Nöding, Saksa, Kennel Betty Barkley

I was just 13 years old, when I got my first dog, a black Cocker Spaniel bitch.
On one of our daily walks we met some Whippets and I learned to love their character and their very special look.
Since I was not allowed to have a second dog, I started to visit dog shows and Whippet breeders in order to get to know everything about this lovely breed.
I had my first litter in 2001 and since than I have bred 23 Whippet litters. Most of the puppies are loved pets, but those that have been shown were able to achieve various titles such as International, German, Danish, Finish Champion titles, Centenary winner and Whippet Club winner titles.
I have shown my dogs in quite many countries such as Germany, Danmark, Sweden,
Finnland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and so on, always loving to see so many
types in the Whippets.
Loving dogshows and all what belongs to it, the travelling, meeting friends all around the world and talking about the nicest thing in the world, our dogs. I decided to start becoming a judge. In 2009 I was acknowledged by the German
Kennel Klub and have so far been judging a couple of shows in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.
I am truly honored to have been invited to judge Whippets at the National Speciality and Open Show near Turku.

Tomasz Wolanczyk, Puola, Kennel Paranoia

I have always kept dogs. I grew up with Dachshunds and Cockers and owned Miniature Long-haired and Wire-haired Dachshunds for 18 years. First Paranoia litter of ML Dachshund was born in 1986. The whippet story began in 2001 with an English dog Cobyco Call the Shots (Ron). I am deeply grateful to Ron’s breeders, Eva Yacoby and Lynn Yacoby –Wright for him and my 3 other Cobyco boys. I am a very small scale breeder , fortunate enough to have bred in the first litter 3 international champions incl. World Winner Tylko Ten Paranoia and first Polish-bred Whippet UK Champion Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Katie). In 2017 I got my licence as a national judge for FCI group 10 and in 2022 I got my licence an international judge. I feel truly honoured to judge in Finland the Show I admired for years.

Best regards Tomasz Wolańczyk